In Chapter 29 of Anne of Green Gables, Anne and Diana are invited to visit Aunt Josephine's house in the city. Anne is ecstatic to accept the invitation, and finds herself encountering things she has only dreamed about before: silk curtains, spare rooms, horse races and ice cream enjoyed at nearly midnight. Yet Anne finds that everything she has dreamed of isn't exactly what she thought it would be. What moment of the trip does Anne enjoy most? Does Anne consider herself a city girl or a country girl? And might Anne shift something in the heart of an old selfish woman before she returns to Avonlea? 

As we enter the last ten chapters of Anne of Green Gables, I decided to invite some friends to join in the reflection portions of these episodes.

Ruth Macallan joins me today to talk about Chapter 29 and share her beautiful, wise thoughts about Anne's imagination, her maturity, and the fact that Anne "isn't striving for perfect, she's just striving for life"

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