In Chapter 33 of Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery, Anne is reciting "The Maiden's Vow" at a concert at the White Sands Hotel. Diana helps Anne get ready at Green Gables, and the girls ride over with Jane Andrews and her brother Billy. When Anne gets to the performers' dressing room, she suddenly is struck by how wealthy many of the performers are, and is paralyzed by stage fright -- until she notices Gilbert Blythe in the crowd.

Will Anne be able to recite her poem? Will the audience be as critical as she fears? Will Anne be so dazzled by all the "wealth and culture" that she is no longer content with her life in Avonlea? 

After the chapter reading, stick around for reflections with Lauren Burke, host of the podcast Bonnets at Dawn (this part of the episode begins at 19:06). Lauren and I talk about what makes Montgomery such a good writer; themes of imposter syndrome, shame and class in this chapter; and why Lauren wants to read this chapter to her daughter someday. 

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